State Rehabilitation Council

The State Rehabilitation Council advises the Vocational Rehabilitation and Blind Services program to improve policies, programs, and delivery of services through a collaborative effort with other agencies.

Membership of Council

The Council is composed of 22 members representing different disabilities, business, education, and advocacy groups. The members come from all parts of Montana, and over 50% of the members must have disabilities.

2023 Council Members, Names listed below

Back row (left to right): Jolene Weatherwax, Chanda Hermanson, Celina Cline, Emma Rooney, Tom Manthey, Brian Tocher, and Marcy Roberts

Front row (left to right): Doug McElroy, Lacey Keller, Wes Feist, Corinne Moore, Denise May, and Gabrielle Broere

Not pictured: John Gorton, Kathy Hampton, Kendra Joyce, Mike Manhardt, Carlos Ramalho, and Jean Schroeder

As of 5-1-2023

Representation required in Law

Business, Industry, and Labor (4)

Parent Training and Information Center

  • Jean Schroeder, Vaughn
    MT Empowerment Center, Inc.

Workforce Innovation Board

Native American VR Project

Education Agency

Client Assistance Program

Independent Living Council

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor

  • Celina Cline, Havre
    (406) 265-6933

Community Rehabilitation Program

Director of the Designated State Unit

  • Chanda Hermanson, Helena
    Administrator of Disability, Employment and Transitions Division

Current/Former VR Clients / Disability Advocates (9)

The Council shall convene at least four (4) meetings per year in such places as it determines necessary to conduct business.  The Council may conduct forums and hearings as the Council considers appropriate.  The meetings, hearings, and forums shall be publicly announced.  The meetings shall be open and accessible to the general public unless there is a valid reason for an executive session.

General Meeting Objectives

Spring (May)
Welcome and orient new members
Joint meeting with Statewide Independent Living Council (1 full day)
Consumer Satisfaction survey results presented by VRBS staff
Review/Revise SRC Bylaws (Education and Membership Committee)
Economic Development and Employer Engagement/Presentation
Committee reports

Summer (August)
Welcome and orient new members
Strategic Plan Presentation by VRBS staff
Federal report presentation and review
Economic Development and Employer Engagement/Presentation
Vote for Chair and Vice Chair for next fiscal year
Committee reports

Fall (November)
Welcome and orient new members
Committee Presentation and review the Governor’s Report
Election of new officers for next fiscal year
Review/revise the SRC Manual (Education & Membership Committee)
Economic Development and Employer Engagement/Presentation
Committee reports

Winter (February)
Welcome and orient new members
Legislative/Executive Planning Process
State Plan presentation by VRBS staff
SRC spending prior fiscal year
Economic Development and Employer Engagement/Presentation
Committee reports

*Meeting Dates

  • February 9, 2023; virtual meeting (Agenda)
  • May 10, 2023 - Joint meeting with MT SILC in Helena (Agenda)
  • May 11, 2023 in Helena (Agenda)
  • August 10-11, 2023 in Anaconda
  • November 2-3, 2023 in West Yellowstone

*Meetings are open to the public.

Dates and Locations are subject to change. 
Contact Shawn Tulloch ( for confirmation and Zoom link.

Joint Meeting of MT SRC and MT SILC

Meeting Minutes 

Education & Member

  1. Duties:
    1. Recruit new members
    2. Plan orientation for new members
    3. Review Bylaws/Constitution
    4. Review SRC binder/Council Manual
  2. Chair Emma Rooney

Planning & Review

  1. Duties:
    1. Write the Governor’s Report (annual report)
    2. Review State Plan
    3. Discuss Priorities & Goals
  2. Chair Marcy Roberts

Consumer Satisfaction & Needs Assessment

  1. Duties:
    1. Client Satisfaction survey
    2. Establish the needs assessments (through 3rd party) and Review
  2. Chair Celina Cline

Policy, Procedure, & Personnel Development

  1. Duties:
    1. Covers all policy & procedure changes with VRBS
    2. Personnel – maintaining & turnover rates
    3. Review IHO decisions
    4. Reviews training curriculum
    5. All-Staff training
  2. Chair Brook Hodge 

Current CSAVR National News Brief

05.07.23 CSAVR National News Brief

Previous News Briefs


If you have other questions, contact Shawn Tulloch, staff to the Council at:

Montana Vocational Rehabilitation
PO Box 4210
Helena, MT 59604
Phone (406) 564-4864 (Video) (406) 579-2630 (Text)