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Montana Vocational Rehabilitation Guiding Documents

  • Administrative Rules
  • The Rehab Act
    The purposes of this Act are:
    (1) to empower individuals with disabilities to maximize employment, economic self‑sufficiency, independence, and inclusion and integration into society, through
    (A) statewide workforce investment systems implemented in accordance with title I of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998 that include, as integral components, comprehensive and coordinated state-of-the-art programs of vocational rehabilitation;
    (B) independent living centers and services;
    (C) research;
    (D) training;
    (E) demonstration projects; and
    (F) the guarantee of equal opportunity; and
    (2) to ensure that the Federal Government plays a leadership role in promoting the employment of individuals with disabilities, especially individuals with significant disabilities, and in assisting States and providers of services in fulfilling the aspirations of such individuals with disabilities for meaningful and gainful employment and independent living.

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