VRBS Business Services

Meeting Your Staffing Needs With Support

VRBS has a variety of services to help your company recruit, hire and retain a strong workforce.

Pre-Screening Services - VRBS is able to provide a pool of Qualified Candidates who are eligible and ready to work

Customized Training - VRBS may be able to train Candidate’s to a company’s specific personnel or skill needs.

On the Job Training - VRBS can pay a portion of wages over a period of time with the understanding of long term hire for qualified Candidate.

Internships - VRBS will pay for wages of candidate who is receiving job experience in an internship capacity.

Job Coaching - VRBS can provide external personnel who can train or coach an employee.

Work Based Learning - Risk free opportunity for employers and employees to train and work towards a successful employment match. VRBS is able to pay wages during work based learning periods.

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