Statewide Independent Living Services

Our Mission

To make independent living a reality for Montanans with disabilities by promoting and practicing a philosophy of consumer control, development of peer relationships and peer role models, self-determination, self-help, equal access,and advocacy in order to maximize independence, integration and full inclusion of persons with disabilities into mainstream Montana.

Independent Living Services

Every three years the   Montana Statewide Independent Living Council (SILC)  writes a state plan in cooperation with the Centers for Independent Living and  Disability Employment and Transitions  to guide independent living services throughout the state.

In Montana the SILC, Disability Employment and Transitions and self-directing Centers for Independent Living (CILs) work together to address issues impacting Montanans with Disabilities. Funding for the CILs comes from a variety of sources including: the federal government, grants, the state of Montana and donations.

People with disabilities want to live independently just like their friends, family, and neighbors. The independent living program provides them with the services needed to achieve their desired way of life. These services include the four core IL services: information and referrals to appropriate organizations, IL skills training, individual and systems change advocacy, and peer mentoring. Other services provided include benefits counseling and planning, housing information, help with accessibility issues and personal care assistance.

Full inclusion and integration of individuals with disabilities into the mainstream of American society is primary. This philosophy is implemented through the Montana Independent Living Council and the network of Montana centers for independent living. The four centers located in Billings, Great Falls (Black Eagle), Helena and Missoula and their branch offices provide statewide coverage.

Statewide Independent Living Council
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