Contact Information for Employers

Employer Liaison

General information for employers, child support withholding laws, state withholding limits, out of state orders, lump sum/bonus payments, FEIN and address changes, terminations, New Hire Reporting Program, payment errors, etc.

Shawn Rafferty, Employer Liaison
2401 Colonial Dr, First Floor
PO Box 202943
Helena, MT 59620-2943
1-800-346-5437 EXT. 1132
Fax: (406) 444-1370 

New Hire Reporting Program

General information and help for employers with new hire reporting.

New Hire Reporting Program
2401 Colonial Dr, First Floor
PO Box 8013
Helena, MT 59601

Gary Dahlquist, New Hire Reporting Program Tech
New Hire Help Desk

Fiscal Services Unit

Sign-up for Electronic Funds Transfers and other electronic child support payment options.

Terrie McNac
EFT Specialist
(800) 346-5437 EXT. 1140

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