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Employer Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider quality Candidates with disabilities for employment within my company?

People with disabilities represent a significant pool of potential candidates who repeatedly get high marks from managers on job related issues. Employers also receive direct and indirect benefits by hiring qualified candidates.

Will Accommodations be too expensive?

Per Job Accommodations Network (JAN) , in September 2016 most accommodations cost accommodations are less than $500, while 59% of accommodations have been found to be that of no cost at all to the employer. VRBS has Business Specialist who are available to help navigate through the accommodations process should it be needed.

Will I as an employer have to give Candidates or Employee’s with disability’s extensive training?

VRBS offers qualified candidates who are ready to work. We can also provide on-the-job training and or educational experience to get candidate or employee properly trained for a position. All this is provided to candidate with no cost or obligation to employer.


Do Employees with Disabilities Perform as Well as Employees without Disabilities?

Studies at DuPont Corp. find that 90 % of employees with disabilities were rated average or better in job performance by their managers. People with disabilities have fewer scheduled absences and stay on the job longer than those without disabilities

Are Employees with Disabilities hard to supervise?

Employees with disabilities should be held accountable to the same job standards as any other employee. VRBS also provides services to help with any difficulties or extra assistance that may be needed to ensure the candidates job success and retention.

Will Employees with Disabilities Be Absent More than Employees without Disabilities?

No. Studies by firms such as DuPont show that employees with disabilities are not absent any more than employees without disabilities.

Will Hiring People with Disabilities Cause my Workers' Compensation Rates to Rise?

Workman’s compensation rates are based upon hazards of the operation not upon the disability rate of employees.

Do employees with disabilities have good safety records?

Yes. National studies and the U.S Department of Labor Studies find that employees with disabilities are ranked by supervisors higher on safety issues than their non-disabled peers.

 If I have job openings who do I notify?

Please feel free to contact one of our Business specialists so we may assist you with your staffing needs.  

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