Communicable Disease Surveillance

Public health surveillance is the systematic, ongoing collection, management, analysis, and interpretation of data followed by the dissemination of these data to public health programs to stimulate public health action 1. Effective communicable disease control efforts rely on an effective surveillance and response system that promotes collaboration, coordination and communication among public health and clinical professionals. Please visit our infographic page  for data visualization of a variety of communicable disease topics.

Thacker SB, Berkelman RL. Public health surveillance in the United States. Epidemiol Rev. 1988;10:164-190.

The Communicable Disease Epidemiology Section ensures that the data we collect are secure, kept confidential and shared with the public appropriately. The CDEpi section adheres the Data Management Plan and the policy and documents listed below. For more information about communicable disease data security, confidentiality and dissemination, please contact CDEpi directly: 406-444-0273

  1. Communicable Disease Control and Prevention Bureau Security and Confidentiality Policy
  2. Information Security Policy
  3. HIPAA and Confidentiality Training Policy
  4. Montana DPHHS CDC National Healthcare Safety Network Data Use Agreement
  5. Security of Data and Electronic Technology Systems
  6. Montana Infectious Disease Information System Memorandum of Agreement
  7. Guidelines for Reporting Public Health Information
  8. Public Health Resources Guide