Assessment Resources

MT has assessors who are trained and reliable in the following scales:

  • Environment Rating Scales
    • Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale - 3rd Edition (ECERS-3)
    • Infant Toddler Environment Rating Scale - 3rd Edition (ITERS-3)
    • Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale -3rd Edition (FCCERS-3)


  • Program/Business Rating Scales
    • Program Administration Scale (PAS) – Centers
    • Business Administration Scale (BAS) – Family/Group

Assessors understand the importance of fairness, and were selected through an application and interview process, and could demonstrate availability and limited conflicts of interest.  New programs will receive a baseline assessment.  Formal assessments occur at STAR 3, STAR 4, and STAR 5 at each occurrence and annually (or every other year once a program has been at STAR 5 for one year).

ERS Resources

ERS 3rd Edition Author's Notes & Montana Notes

PAS/BAS Resources

PAS/BAS Additional and Montana Notes

The complete versions include both the Authors Notes for Clarification and the Montana Notes. For Montana Notes only, see the links below:

PAS/BAS Author's Notes and Montana Notes Combined 

PAS and BAS Author's Notes