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About the STARS to Quality Program

Why should parents choose a STARS to Quality program?

STARS programs are continuously improving their ability to provide a healthy, safe, and enriching environment for children. Programs have voluntarily enrolled in STARS to Quality to support Montana's children and families. All licensed programs are eligible to apply.

Program Essentials

  • 5-STAR rating system that evaluates and promotes
    • Education, qualifications, and training
    • High-quality supportive environments
    • Leadership and program management
    • Family/community partnerships
  • Monetary program incentives
  • Staff support, ongoing professional development, and incentives 
  • Resources, assistance, and support
  • Evidence-based program assessments

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 Shandi Hayes, STARS Program Specialist

Cindy Moulton Straughn, Program Specialist

Marjorie Vegoren, Quality Program Specialist