Putative Father Registry Search

Putative Father Registry Search Form - PDF


In order for us to complete a Putative Father Search we require:

  1. A request on your letterhead that states the child's name, date and place of birth and also states the mother's full maiden name, date and place of birth.
  2. A notarized consent from the birth mother giving us permission to complete the search of the registry for you or a court order if the mother is unavailable.
  3. The upper portion of the attached form completed, showing the child's name and date of birth (and time if known.)
  4. A fee of $10.00 to search the registry.

The office will complete the search within 5 working days of receiving the request.  The signed original and a copy of the search results will be sent to you through the mail.

Office of Vital Records
(406) 444-4226