Helpful Contacts

The following contacts may be used to assist you:

For General questions on how to obtain a birth or death certificate, and individual marriage and divorce information:

Montana Dept of Public Health and Human Services
Office of Vital Records

(406) 444-2685

For Questions pertaining to filing a delayed birth certificate or general questions on issuance of birth and death certificates:

Issuance Team Leader
(406) 444-1986

For Questions pertaining to adoption, court order name changes and opening your sealed adoption file or the putative father registry:

Mary Suptic
Adoption/Correction Team Leader
(406) 444-4226

For Questions pertaining to correcting a birth or death certificate, Acknowledgment of Paternity (adding a father to your child’s birth certificate) or if you need forms (birth, death, fetal death, or authorization for removal):

Correction Clerk
(406) 444-9039