Montana Options Counseling

Provide the information and decision making support to help individuals maintain an independent lifestyle, plan for long term care needs and live in dignity.

What is Options Counseling?                               

Options Counseling is defined as a person-centered, interactive, decision-support process whereby individuals are supported in their deliberations to make informed long-term support choices in the context of their own preferences, strengths, and values.  The process provided by the Aging and Disability Resource Centers will include developing action steps toward a goal or a long term services and support plan, and, when requested, assistance in accessing supports options.  It also includes follow-up with the individual.  Options counseling is available to all persons regardless of their income or financial assets.

Who are we serving?

Options Counseling is focused on all individuals:

    • Adults age 18 and older with a disability, their representative or caregiver
    • Adults age 60 and older, their representative or caregiver
    • Individuals of all incomes and assets are qualified to receive services regardless of their ability to pay

Benefits of Options Counseling

Options Counseling is proactive and interactive:

      • Helps individuals to be aware that they can and need to plan ahead for Long Term Support Services
      • Assists individuals and their loved ones to consider all available community based options before institutional placement happens
      • Provides individualized support for families making decisions about long-term care

Options Counseling Brochure

Is there an Options Program in my area?