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CDC Grants

  • The Overdose Data to Action (OD2A) grant is a 3-year grant from the CDC that focuses on the complex opioid overdose epidemic and highlights the need for comprehensive prevention methods. Surveillance activities are put in place to gather data on suspected overdoses and in return helps monitor trends and assists in creating direct prevention activities. The prevention component will strengthen prescription drug monitoring programs, improve state-local integration, establish linkages to care and improve provider and health system support. 
  • This program builds upon the previous CDC program, Data-Driven Prevention Initiative.
  • More information on the OD2A grant or previous CDC grants.
  • Through this funding, we have been able to allocate over $600,000 to local area overdose prevention efforts though $5,000-$10,000 mini grants. Check out the Success Stories from our Mini Grant Program. 

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SUDS Task Force

  • The Opioid Abuse Strategic Task Force was formed in the summer of 2016.  Through collaboration with many state and external partners, it became clear that a statewide plan to address all substance use disorders should be developed.  The Addressing Substance Use Disorders in Montana Strategic Plan was developed and put out in 2017, and the task force was renamed the Montana Substance Use Strategic Task Force. The plan is intended to be a living document to include additional metrics and strategies over time as new data, evidence and trends emerge.  The Task Force continues to meet quarterly, and a review of the strategic plan is scheduled for early 2020.  Anyone is welcome to join the meetings, which occur at the Delta Marriott in Helena, Montana from 10am to 3pm on the scheduled dates.
  • 2021 Meeting Dates: January 27th, April 21st and July 21st.
  • Montana Substance Use Disorder Task Force Strategic Plan 


Overdose Response Strategy (ORS)

  • The Overdose Response Strategy (ORS) is an unprecedented and unique collaboration between public health and public safety, created to help local communities reduce drug overdoses and save lives by sharing timely data, pertinent intelligence, and innovative strategies.
  • The ORS Team for Montana, which consists of a Public Health Analyst (Jordan Friend) and a Drug Intelligence Officer (Will Janisch), began their work in late 2021, partnering with public safety and public health agencies across the state to address rising overdoses across the state at the local community level.
  • One of the tools being utilized in Montana is the Overdose Detection Mapping Application Program (ODMAP). ODMAP provides near real-time data on suspected overdoses across jurisdictions to support public safety and public health efforts to mobilize an immediate response to a sudden increase, or spike, in overdose events. The system is free and available to public health and public safety agencies across the nation.
  • Over 90 agencies across Montana are currently utilizing ODMAP to help address the growing overdose problem in Montana. Public health stakeholders may apply for an ODMAP account under DPHHS regulation. More information is available in the DPHHS ODMAP User Manual.