Patient  Admission Information

Greetings and welcome to the Montana Chemical Dependency Center (MCDC).  MCDC is the single state facility providing inpatient treatment for the disease of addiction.  We are committed and dedicated to treating each patient individually, with the dignity and respect.  

If you have received the Confirmation of Admission Letter, it indicates that you have already taken the initial steps to deal with your addictive disorder and will soon be coming to MCDC for inpatient treatment. The inpatient services available at MCDC are explained below.  If you still have questions after reading the information, call the Admissions Coordinator at (406) 496-5412.

*MCDC Does not take Walk-in patients. All patients are referred from an outside provider who is a Licensed Addictions Counselor  (LAC) and must go through the application process.

Suggested Packing List

In Patient Services

  • Transportation: It is best for your treatment if you have a sober support person to transport you to the facilities.  We encourage you to have someone who supports your recovery transport you  upon discharge at MCDC.  MCDC may be able to assist you with this if this is not possible
  • NO Tobacco, i.e. cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, chew, any products containing tobacco. MCDC is a tobacco free facility and as such has a “zero tolerance” for patient use of any tobacco product. Patients will have the opportunity during the admissions process to surrender any tobacco products and should any patient be found in possession of said products after this point they may be subject to immediate dismissal from the program. We will not keep them and they will be destroyed upon arrival to MCDC if you bring them with you.
  • Caffeine: Caffeine is not permitted while at MCDC. We provide Decaffeinated beverages for our patients.
  • Financial Affairs: Patient rates are based upon “ability to pay”.  The patient’s financial status is conducted before you are admitted. There is a financial assessment form found on this web page.  Please complete and fax to us.  You will have a financial determination shortly after MCDC receives your financial information.
  • Professional Services:  Medical treatment is provided by a licensed physician and registered nurses.  Individualized treatment plans may include withdrawal treatment (Detoxification), Individual and Group Therapy; Daily Education; Peer and Self Help Projects; Mental Health individual and group treatment  and case management assistance for  ‘next steps’. 
  • Random U/A’s will be conducted on a routine basis.
  • Admissions Date and Time:  Admissions are accepted Sunday through Thursday, at your designated time. All admissions must be pre-approved and scheduled with your arrival date and time.
  • Exercise and Recreation: Areas for exercise are provided both inside and outside the facility including a work out/exercise room, outdoor basketball court, volleyball court and horse shoe pits.  Walking is encouraged.
  • Phone Privileges: Personal Cell phones will be placed in a secured area upon check in and returned upon departure.  MCDC expects patients to focus on their healing especially during the first weeks of treatment.  Patient Outgoing Phone calls are allowed after the first 10 days of treatment 
  • Mail Services: Mail is picked up and delivered daily, except weekends.  Patients must provide their own stamps.  All incoming parcels will be opened in the presence of MCDC Staff.
  • Visitation: There is no regularly scheduled visitation. If there is a need to arrange for a visitation,it will be coordinated and set up with your assigned counselor.
  • Length of Stay: There is no average stay at MCDC. Length of treatment varies by individual and their ability to understand their disease.  Treatment can lasts up to 35 days or more.