Healthy Montana Kids (HMK) Eyeglasses

Eye Exams & Services

Eye exams and the fee to fit your children’s eyeglasses are covered.  There may be a small copayment for these services. Growing children and teenagers should have their eyes examined once a year, beginning at age three.

Optometric services for the medical treatment of diseases or injury to the eye by a licensed doctor or optometrist are covered. Claims for corrective lenses and vision supplies are covered.

To find an ophthalmologist or optometrist near you, refer to the HMK Provider Directory.


Eyeglasses are provided through a contract with Classic Optical Laboratories. HMK will only pay for your children’s eyeglasses if they are covered under the Classic contract. When ordering eyeglasses from the eyeglasses provider, make sure the provider carries eyeglasses covered under the Classic contract. If you choose non-Classic frames or lenses, you will be responsible for the amount due.

HMK pays for one pair of glasses every 365 days. However, if your children have a medical condition that requires more frequent prescriptions, new lenses (but not new frames) may be covered.

All frames have a 24 month warranty to guard against defects. The warranty does not replace damaged frames other than manufacturer defects. You must return defective parts of the glasses for repair. Your HMK provider may charge you a small handling fee for returning glasses for repair.

  • Lost or stolen eyeglasses is a non-covered benefit
  • Contact lenses are a non-covered benefit

What if my provider does not have Classic frames?

Ask your eyeglass provider for a referral to a Classic frame provider

If you have questions, contact the HMK Eyeglass Program Officer at (406) 444-4066.