HMK Dental Plan

An HMK member may receive up to $1,900 in dental services per benefit year. The benefit year runs from July 1 through June 30. Each July 1st, HMK members become eligible for $1,900 of dental care, regardless of when they last received care.

You will have to pay for services that go over the $1,900 HMK Dental Plan limit. Any amount over the $1,900 limit is a private arrangement between you and your HMK dental provider.

There are no copays or out of pocket charges required for Dental Plan services as long as dental

services do not go over the $1,900 annual limit. Make sure you know how much your services cost and if you have reached your limit.

Dental implants are a covered benefit. This member benefit is limited to a lifetime maximum of

$1,500. This $1,500 lifetime maximum for dental implants is included in, not in addition to, the

annual $1,900 maximum for the HMK Dental Plan. For more information, call the Member Helpline at 800-362-8312.

What Dental Services Are Not Covered?
  • Orthodontic services (braces); and
  • Maxillofacial surgeries and prosthetics, surgical procedures, and treatment of fractures.

Note: Surgical repair of the mouth and gums due to an accident or congenital defect may be covered under the medical benefits of your HMK plan. Contact BCBSMT for more information at 855-258-3489.

Finding an HMK Enrolled Dentist

HMK cannot guarantee a dentist in your local community will be available to serve your child. The number of dentists is somewhat limited in Montana and some dentists may not accept new HMK patients.