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April 30, 2012

Good News on your FY2012 Contracts and Task Orders

The WIC Program staff will be working on amending your contracts and task orders this week.  All bonus funds and fourth quarter funds will be included.  You can begin spending these funds as soon as you have signed the amended task order or contract.  Please share this information with your fiscal person and if you have any questions please call Michelle 406-444-3451 or Corinne 406-444-3618.

Performance Goal Awards

Six agencies met the performance goal that they selected.  They are Gallatin County, Deer Lodge County, Blackfeet Reservation, Crow Reservation, Fort Belknap Reservation, and Rocky Boy Reservation.   We also had a number of agencies who met performance goals that they had not selected.  Cascade County and Flathead County both met the Increased Participation Goal and Fergus County, Flathead County and Ravalli County met the Increased Breastfeeding Rate Goal.  Congratulations to all of you!

Click here for the spread sheet that list the funding you will receive in your amended contract or task order.  You should be receiving the new contracts and task orders in the next couple of weeks.  You will be able to begin spending the funds as soon and the contracts and task orders are signed.

The final reports are listed below.

Fruit and Vegetable Goal

Participation Goal

Breastfeeding Goal

WIC Futures Study Group Meeting

The WIC Futures Study Group will be meeting Thursday, May 3, 2012. Click here for the agenda.

Please RSVP to Bernadette Lahr 406-444-0909 if you plan to attend.

Local Agency M-SPIRIT Training

Please schedule one of the following times for staff to attend a webinar on M-SPIRIT updates. An agenda will be included in an upcoming newsletter.

Thursday, May 31st, 9am - 12 pm

Tuesday, June 5th, 9am - 12 pm

State Plan Revised Chapter Five

The State Office has revised Chapter 5 of the State Plan! Please take the next week to review the newest version of the chapter and give us your feedback.

Please send any comments/questions that you have to Tara Ray by Monday, May 7th. This draft, along with the rest of the State Plan, will be sent to USDA for review and approval by June, 30, 2012.

April 26th Local Agency Conference Call Minutes

For a copy of the minutes of the April 26th conference call, please click here.

Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Conference Call Minutes

March 1st minutes

April 10th minutes

Farmers’ Market Nutrition Program

Benefits for the 2012 Farmers’ Market season were mailed to participating local agencies last week. Upon arrival, please review the enclosed letter and report. Please remind participants of the use dates if you are issuing the benefits before June 15th. Any questions can be directed to Carrie.

Time Studies Due

Time studies are due to Bernadette no later than Monday, May 7, 2012. A big thank you to local agency staff that have been able to submit their completed studies to the state office early. Keep up the good work!

There were questions last week about documenting the Family & Community Health Conference time. The answer is training, travel, outreach, etc. are all part of the General Administration category for time study purposes. (State Plan, Chapter 3, Policy 3-19)

Request for Educational Materials

Ashlyn Jones, a dietetic intern working with the State WIC Office, is collecting educational materials from all of the local agencies to review and make available to the other local agencies as a resource on the MT WIC website. Web sites and sources for handouts will also be made available. For more information, please click here.

M-SPIRIT Pop Quiz Winner

Congratulations to Gina Lozar of the St. Ignatius WIC agency! Gina knew a participant using a VOC or Out-of-State transfer must have Verification of Certification (VOC) documentation from that state and they must be in a current and valid certification.


Once you start a SOAP note it must be completed before you can close the note window. You cannot save a draft. What could you do if you are unable to complete a SOAP note?

Session 3 Module 2 has the answer to this question. The Helpdesk may be calling one of you this week to answer this question!

Study Regarding Toddlers, Smoke and Allergies

Please click here for a a brief summary of a recent study on toddlers exposed to secondhand smoke and allergies from the Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Immunology.

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