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August 25, 2014

Registration and Reservations for Fall Training

Please register for the 2014 WIC Fall Training, September 15-16 in Missoula (agenda) or September 18-19 in Billings (agenda).

TODAY is the last day to get the state rate for Fall Training accommodations Please make your hotel reservations by calling the Best Western Plus in Missoula at (406) 543-0700 or the Crowne Plaza in Billings at (406) 252-7400.

Questions about the New Food Package & Split Tender

At the Fall Training there is a session for question and answer about the new food packages and split tender for the fruit and vegetable benefit. Please submit your questions on these subjects to Leah by close of business on August 29, 2014. Having the questions ahead of time will allow us to present the same answers in both locations, consolidate similar questions and pace our presentation so we don't run out of time.

Using FMNP benefits at Farmers’ Markets

For those of you participating in our Farm Direct Program please encourage your participants to use their FMNP benefits at the market. Summer is quickly coming to an end and we want to ensure that our participants are taking full advantage of the fresh fruits and vegetables available at our farmers’ stands.

Increasing Breastfeeding Rates With VENA

There is a webinar tomorrow, August 26th, from 1-2 pm on breastfeeding tips using VENA. You will receive 1 WIC CEU if you attend and submit the appropriate form to Chris Fogelman. Follow this link to login. The meeting number is DRCW47. The Conference call number is (800) 230-1074. This webinar will be posted on wicworks at a later date for viewing if you cannot make tomorrow's meeting.

Tuna and Mercury

Last week Consumer Reports released a special report which recommends that pregnant women completely avoid all tuna, especially canned. This, they state, is due to the concern over high mercury levels in the fish. This report conflicts with the FDA recommendation that women who are pregnant, breastfeeding, or may become pregnant, as well as children, eat 8-12 ounces a week of low mercury fish (including light canned tuna). We wanted to inform you of this conflict of information and encourage you to educate participants that we maintain the stance that the FDA has published, which includes that canned light tuna is safe at recommended levels for women and children. As you know, tuna is an option on WIC Food package 7, and you may hear concerns about this. Please inform participants that if they are uncomfortable with the tuna option, they may choose pink salmon (where available). Here is also a Washington Post article for reference, as this is the type of information that the public is seeing.

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