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June 30, 2014

Acting WIC Director

Mark Walker will be the acting WIC Director until the permanent Director is hired later in July.  You can reach him at 406-444-0237 or mwalker@mt.gov.

July Time Study Reminder

Independence Day is not the only thing to celebrate in July! Time studies are a federal requirement and January, April, July and October are the months that Montana tracks WIC time spent in local agencies. We ask that as new employees are added at your local clinic that they are receiving the training they need to complete their time studies correctly. We hope the change to the Time Study program continues to be a good one. If you have any problems, please email Bernadette or call the HelpDesk at 444-2740.

Similac Prescriptions

The question has come up since the June 19th conference call about those infants that were prescribed one of the 19 calorie Similac products on an older form and an end date. If the original prescription has the box "until first birthday (if before 9/30/14)" checked, you may ignore the "(if before 9/30/14)" and issue according to the "until first birthday". If a different box is checked, you must stick to that date to end the issuance of the Similac product and obtain a new prescription to issue it for a longer period.

Bell Institute

General Mills sponsors the Bell Institute of Health and Nutrition. In a recent e-mail, Bell Institute announced that those registered with the site would have access to the digital copy of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior through April 2015 for free. Some of you might have also received a hard copy of their May/June 2014 issue if you are currently registered. Why should you be interested? Articles in the journal over the year will be identified by Montana WIC for CEUs. You can sign up to receive e-mails or access their information.

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