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June 16, 2014

Local Agency Conference Call Information

Remember the LA Call is this Thursday and scheduled to begin at 9:00am. On the agenda is information about the Fall Training and upcoming food package changes. Please review this copy of Chapter 8, 2015 of the State Plan, the quick reference Food Package Changes, the revised Medically Necessary WIC Approved Formula Request Form and the revised Similac Prescription Form.

FFY15 WIC Contract Packet and Funding Formula

Attached are the FFY15 WIC contract packet forms to include:

FFY15 Funding Formula Spread Sheet
Contract Packet Instructions
Contract Packet Memo
Worksheet 1 - WIC Personnel (fillable form)
Worksheet 2 - WIC Contact Information (fillable form)

Please complete Contract Packet attachments and return to the State WIC office by July 1, 2014.

Soy Beverage Issuance

Over the last several months, you should have noticed that "Half Gallon Soymilk Beverage (WIC Approved)" is the main option for issuing soymilk to participants. You should also notice that "Quarts Pacific Natural Foods Ultra Soy Beverage"is still an option for selection. To clarify, the "Half Gallon Soymilk Beverage (WIC Approved)" refers to the refrigerated half-gallon options of Silk, 8th Continent and Lucerne, which they may choose from at the store. The Pacific Soy may not be substituted for the half-gallon standard soy beverage option at the store. If Pacific Ultra Soy is purchased, there is a good chance the check will be rejected. If the participant wants the Pacific, they will need to choose that in the clinic and have it printed on their checks. Let Kate or Chris know if you have any questions.

Updating Local Agency & Clinic Contact Information

The State Office is updating our contact information for local agencies. Please review this document and email Mark with any corrections or additions.

Checking on Printers at the Agency

The State Office is seeking to learn if your agency uses the HP LaserJet P1505n printer. If so, please view this document for instructions on the information that will need to be provided.

Missoula Public Health Nutrition Unit Manager Position

Missoula County is accepting applications for a Public Health Nutrition Unit Manager. The announcement closes June 17, 2014. Learn more about the position and application instructions.

WIC Position Available in Havre

Hill County is accepting applications for a WIC Coordinator Position. The announcement closes June 20, 2014. Learn more about the position and application instructions.

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