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April 14, 2014

Please Complete Monitoring Survey

In the next two weeks, please complete this survey on monitoring processes. Please think about the new monitoring process and how that impacted your most recent monitoring visit. The data collected from this survey will be presented to the WIC Future Study Group and used to make recommendations on the monitoring process. All responses are confidential.

LARC Training Follow-up

Thank you to those who attended the LARC Training in Bozeman last week. If you have any questions about some of the topics discussed at the LARC Training, please email Leah, Kevin or Glade, or give us a call at (800) 443-4298.

One question was raised regarding the inclusion of two zeros preceding the participant's number when it is written out on the booklet. As you know, all benefits come with the participant's number printed with two zeros first. It seems a few retailers may be requiring the participant's number printed on the benefit, and the participant's number written on the booklet match exactly. These retailers are paying very close attention and we appreciate that. From now on, please do include the two preceding zeros on a participant's number when writing it on a booklet, so that that number matches exactly with the number on the benefit. Many retailers will still accept the benefit if the leading zeros are left off of the booklet, but we still must ensure that the participant numbers on the booklets do exactly match the participant numbers as printed on benefits.

The LARC Training was mandatory, and for those that missed it, a mandatory WebEx will be scheduled soon.

March 2014 Reports Available

Benefits Issued & Redeemed Report

Breastfeeding & Peer Counselor Report

Participation Report

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