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March 24, 2014

2014 WIC Spring Training

Dont forget to register for the upcoming 2014 WIC Spring Training, April 10-11 in Bozeman.

Child’s Food Package and Prescriptions for Soy Beverage and Goat’s Milk

We have received several phone calls about assigning a child’s food package with a May 1, 2014, start date that contains soy beverage or goat’s milk.  After discussion among the state staff, this is our response:

The prescription requirement will be turned off in SPIRIT on the two food items.  You will be on your honor to scan in the required prescription from now through April 30th and document its approval and duration in the “Manage Notes”.

This change will allow you to create a May 1st or later child’s food package without a prescription for soy beverage or goat’s milk. We are not creating a new food item for either the soy beverage or the goat’s milk.  While you can set an end date for a food item, you can’t set an end date for a prescription requirement.

Requesting Photos of WIC Agencies

The State Office is gathering photos of WIC to use during a celebration of WIC's 40th Anniversary at the upcoming Spring Training. We are requesting that each local agency take just one minute and photograph a few of your staff next to the WIC sign on your building. We would like to include these photos of all the agencies in the presentation shown at the Spring Meeting.

If you have any current or old photos of WIC services at your agency that you would like included in this presentation please send them as well. Email all photos to Kevin, or mail hardcopies to the State Office. (We will return them).

Job Announcements with DPHHS

The Family and Community Health Bureau is recruiting two positions:
1) Supervisor of the Children’s Special Health Services section (#00702), and
2) Public Health Nurse Consultant (#37084) to administer the grant, “Integrating Systems of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs.”

Full job announcements can be viewed by entering the respective position number in the Position/Listing Number Search field.

Geddes Productions Now Has Breastfeeding Videos On-Demand

Kittie Frantz announced that Geddes Productions has new films now available on their Video on Demand on their our home page. There are several titles available and others are coming in the future. Cost starts at $1.99 to view. Currently only English versions are available, but soon many languages will be available for viewing. Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, German, and Dutch will be posted. The Video On Demand system is perfect for previewing before purchase or for referring clients to it rather than having several copies for lending or for moms viewing it at home & to show their family or for a one time class. Check out the existing titles.

New ProSobee Label

Mead Johnson has redesigned the label for ProSobee products. To view the changes, print the flyer.

Gold Lactation Conference and Free Keynote Speaker Event

Gold Lactation is holding their conference. There are early bird registration rates available. They also offer their Keynote Presentation free via webinar. You can access it live or as a recording by registering. This session is worth 1.25 WIC CEUs. Complete and submit the appropriate form. You can also check out more about the complete conference for more potential WIC CEUs.

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