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March 17, 2014

2014 WIC Spring Training

Dont forget to register for the upcoming 2014 WIC Spring Training, April 10-11 in Bozeman.

Changes Made By the Final Food Package Rule

There are two changes implementing on the same date as the new Approved Food List, May 1, 2014. First, the fruit and vegetable benefit for children will increase from $6 to $8 per month. A new food item has been added with the description of "FRUIT AND VEGETABLE BENEFIT (5/1/2014)"; please update and create food packages starting May 1 using this new food item. The state office will attempt to automatically create new food prescriptions containing the new fruit and vegetable item effective May 1 by March 24. We will publish in the March 24 newsletter if this was successful or not. Please be sure to double check before issuing benefits. For previously printed benefits, participants may bring them in for a void/reissue to get the higher dollar amount. Retailers will be notified of the change before May 1st and know to accept both $6 and $8 benefits. Please note that benefits which say $6.00 cannot be redeemed for $8.00, even after May 1.

The second change is children will not need a prescription for soy beverage and goat’s milk as of May 1, 2014. Keep in mind the limited availability of goat’s milk when offering it as an option to participants.

Conference Call Minutes

The minutes from the March 5th Local Agency Conference Call have been corrected. Under the section for the Abbott discussion, the votes for options (1) and (2) were reversed.

Quarterly Retailer Newsletter

The Retailer Newsletter will be sent out to all retailers shortly. Please review it in case retailers call your office with questions.

MAWA Nominations for President

Are you interested in a leadership position? How would you like to coordinate a collaborative forum to promote the professional growth and integrity of nutrition services to Montana’s women, infants and children?  MAWA is seeking nominations for President elect. This is a two year term. If this sounds like a position you would like to hold, please contact the nominating chair, Tamara Hamilton at  thamilton@flathead.mt.gov. There is also a vacancy for Secretary who assists the President and maintains records- this is a two year position as well. MAWA will be electing these officers at Spring Training in Bozeman.

Community Strategies Webinar

The Northwest center for Public Health Practice is hosting a webinar called, "A Healthy Dose: Strengthening Reach and Impact of Community Strategies." The webinar is March 25, from 1-2pm. The webinar will focus on making a meaningful and measurable impact on individual and community health. Register here if interested.

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