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October 28th, 2013

Local Agency Conference Call

There is a Local Agency Conference Call on Thursday November 7th at 9 am. Please try to attend. At the end of the call there will also be a Montana Farm Direct update and discussion.

WICHealth.org Update              

The staff at wichealth.org are working on updating lessons specifically for Montana. The first lesson I have chosen is the module, "A Recipe for a Healthy Pregnancy" to be updated. If you would like to contribute ideas or have a great handout on nutrition in pregnancy, please review this module and email ideas to Kate. If you have ideas about updating other lessons or a module topic you would like to see developed, this is also great information share with us.

Infant Feeding Guide

The "Food Guide for Infants" that is posted on the website under "MyPlate" handouts has been updated. It is less colorful and has some small changes to the information, this should make it easier to print and read. In addition, a new and different version has been created and will also be posted on the website under "Infants & Children", it is called "Infant Feeding Guide" . These handouts have much of the same information laid out a little differently. Feel free to use what you like the best! In addition, I will continue to review handouts and update as needed, please email Kate if you would like to see handouts updated and/or posted on our website, including any of your locally developed material. Thanks!

Special Formula               

We have several agencies with excess formula who are looking for takers. Specifically, Neocate is in abundant supply. If you have a participant on Neocate Infant please contact Kate to coordinate retrieving this formula. In addition, please communicate with Kate any other excess formula you have acquired. When possible, we will help facilitate the sharing of formula to save money and reduce waste.

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