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If you get kicked out of Timesheets, whether you lock up or get a General Protection Fault, call (406) 444-9500.

  • Give us your C#.
  • Exit out of Windows and restart your computer. While you do this we will end your session.
  • Once this is done, then you can go back into Timesheets.
  • This must be done every time, so that the records don't get locked up in the database.

Timesheet System Hand-Out

To enter overtime, flsa, or comp time:

  • You must have accrued 40 hours in a week before you are eligible to take overtime, flsa or comp time. Therefore, the overtime or comp time hours are recorded on the timesheet after 40 hours.
  • For example, you worked 10 hours on Monday and 8hrs each day the rest of the week. You would put 10 regular hours on Monday, 8 regular hours on Tuesday, 8 regular hours on Wednesday, 8 regular hours on Thursday, 6 regular hours and 2 overtime hours on Friday.

    Task Profile ID's do not match. It is okay to change your task profile id to match your actual hours worked if you work more or less than your normal work week. This is more common for those working a flex schedule.

You will get an error message that you must put your time in half hour increments in not done so. The timesheets program will only allow you to input time in half hour increments. If you worked 6.75 hours on one day and 6.25 hours on the next, you should show 6.5 hours on both days.

Balances on your timesheet are not correct.

Balances on timesheets are updated on Tuesday before payday.


The remarks section of your timesheet should be used to verify any differences you may have in your timesheet.

What If:

I need to make a correction on my timesheet and cannot make changes. If you have signed off your timesheet and your supervisor has signed off your timesheet, you need to have your supervisor disapprove the timesheet. Then you can go back in and change it. After you sign off, then your supervisor will need to approve the timesheet again. If payroll has already approved it, the supervisor will be notified. At that point, a payroll correction sheet must be signed and faxed in to the payroll department at (406) 444-6912.

Any questions you have regarding your timesheet should be addressed to your payclerk.