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Contact Group (called a Personal Distribution List in Outlook 2007)
Attach a file to a message
Change Outlook password
Access Outlook from the Internet


To create a Contact Group(called a Personal Distribution List in Outlook 2007):

To attach a file to a message

To change your password in Outlook:

Double click on the Outlook icon - enter your username (C#) and click on Change Password

  • Tab between fields and enter your username, domain is state.mt.ads, Exchange Server is helenacampuscas.state.mt.ads
  • Type in your old Password, select a new password at least eight alphanumeric characters long with at least one capital letter and one number in it.
  • Tab and retype the new Password
  • Click on Okay. You should receive a message that says your Windows password has been successfully updated.
  • Change Windows NT Password screen print

To access Outlook from the internet, click on the following URL:

    You may want to save this page in your favorites. https://webmail.mt.gov

    Then you will get the following screen - for the logon, you must type state\ and then your C#, tab down to the password box and use your regular Outlook password.

    The screen may look a little different than you are used to. The messages will not automatically refresh themselves, you will need to click on the icon for Check for New Mail to see any messages received after logging in through the internet.

    Also, all of your messages will not show on the first page, and you cannot scroll down to see them, there is an option to see the different pages of your messages on the menu.

    Personal Address Books and Personal Folders will not be available on the internet access.