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Southwestern Montana
Veterans' Home

Montana's Veterans' Homes in
Columbia Falls and Glendive

Jefferson County Bid

Jefferson County Proposal

Main Proposal
Proposal Front Matter

Attachment 1

Attachment 1 Cover
Letter from DNRC Page 1
Letter from DNRC Page 2
mdphhs Jefferson Co Com
Platting Certificate Pae 1
Platting Certificate Page 2

Attachment 2

Attachment 2 Cover
Site Photo - Photo will not open
Site dimensions - Photo will not open
vets home plat - Photo will not open
vets home w plat - Photo will not open

Attachment 3

Attachment 3 cover
Jeffco Burial Letter

Attachment 4 Phase 1 Enviro

Attachment 4 Apendix A
Site Maps
Attachment 4 Apendix B
Site Photographs
Attachment 4 Apendix C
Cover Page
Remediation Response Site Query System
CCR for Boulder
RCRA Site Investigation Reports - File will not open
Attachment 4 Apendix D
Maps and Photos
Attachment 4 Apendix E
Cover Page
All Interviews

1 Env Assess Front Matter
1 Enviromental Site Assessment
Signature Page for Phase 1 EA

Attachment 5 Public Hearing Documentation

Attachment 5

Attachment 6 Floodplain Information

Floodplain - Photo will not open

Attachment 7 Preliminary Geotechnical Report

Preliminary Geotechnical Report
Appendix A

Attachment 8 Accessibility to Public Roads

Contents Map

Attachment 9 Utilities and Infrastructure

City of Boulder Infrastructure Information
City Infrastructure
High Speed Internet- Photo will not open
NWE Will Serve Letter
Page 1
Page 2
Water Avalibility
Water Page 1
Water Page 2

Attachment 10 Letters of Support

American Legion Boulder
American Legion Whitehall
Boulder Elementary Page 1
Boulder Elementary Page 2
Jefferson County Letter of Support
Jefferson High School
St Peters Hospital
VFW Boulder
VFW WHitehall

Attachment 11 Supplementl Pohtotgraphy for use in Site Visit

Site View 1
Site View 2
Site View 3
Site View 4