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Nursing Facilities Services

Nursing Facility Services Bureau Staff

Bureau Chief
Rick Norine 406-444-4209 or e-mail

Rick Norine was named Nursing Facilities Bureau Chief for the DPHHS SLTCD in June 2004. He is responsible for the overall management and coordination of the Medicaid nursing facility program including policy, reimbursement and program development. The Bureau Chief acts as the supervisor for the following positions: Institutional Superintendent of Montana Veterans Home, two Human Services Specialists, and an Administrative Officer at Eastern Montana Veterans Home.

Rick was previously employed as an auditor with the Montana Department of Revenue, as the admission and continuing medical education coordinator for the Physician Assistant Program at Rocky Mountain College, and as an administrator of a private technical college including a nursing assistant program.

A graduate from the University of Montana with Bachelor’s degrees in political science and accounting, Rick recently completed his Master’s degree in organizational management.


Human Services Specialist
Steve Blazina 406-444-4129 or e-mail

Steve Blazina sets the Nursing Facility Medicaid Per Diem Rates and the Medicaid Swing Bed Per Diem Rates for Hospital Providers. He maintains the Medicaid Nursing Facility Cost Reports for each fiscal year.

He has 32 years of experience with state government and has spent the past 20 years as an human services specialist for the nursing facilities services bureau. He is a University of Montana State graduate with a degree in business finance.


Human Services Specialist
Becky McAnally 406-444-3997 or e-mail

Becky  is responsible for prior authorizations on therapeutic home visits, enteral and parenteral feeding solution, and extraordinary use of routine supplies. 

Becky is also  responsible for nursing facility problem claim reviews, and the monitoring and verification of the following nursing facility reporting requirements:

  • Monthly Nursing Home Staffing Report (DPHHS-SLTC-015)
  • Request for Nursing Home Bed Reservation During Resident’s Temporary Hospitalization (DPHHS-SLTC-052)
  • Request for Therapeutic Home Visit Bed Reservation (DPHHS-SLTC-041)
  • Request for Bed Reservation for Therapeutic Home Visit in Excess of 72 Hours (DPHHS-SLTC-042) 
  • Quarterly Nurse Aide Certification/Training and Competency Evaluation Survey Form