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Nursing Facilities Services

Level of Care Screens (LOC) for Nursing Facility Residents

The Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation (MPQH) has recently seen an increase in inappropriate and incomplete requests for Level of Care (LOC) screens.   Some nursing facilities routinely request a screen for all of their residents to protect the date of Medicaid eligibility when there is no reason to do so.  The problem is compounded by incomplete applications.  These practices cause an increase in costs to MPQH, and if they continue, will result in increased Department costs for this service.

Please review the following:

If you have any questions about LOC(s), please contact MPQH at 443-0320 or 1-800-219-7035. Questions regarding this correspondence can be directed to either Rick Norine at (406) 444-4209 or James Driggers at (406) 444-4544.