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Home and Community Based Services 

Many individuals in need of long term care services choose to remain in their own homes or select other community options to meet their needs.  The Community Services Bureau administers a number of Medicaid-funded options that enable people who are aged or disabled and who have limited income and resources to remain in their homes, rather than receive services in a hospital or nursing facility.  Those programs include the Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) Waiver program, Personal Assistance Services, Home Health and Hospice.

A quick PDF overview of Community Services programs.

Community Alternatives - A wide range of community-based long term care services have been developed over recent years.  They are designed to keep people as independent as possible in the community for as long as possible

The HCBS Waiver Program offers a variety of service and support choices to a limited number of individuals who are eligible for the program. To be eligible for the HCBS Waiver program, an individual must be elderly or disabled, Medicaid eligible, and require nursing facility or hospital level of care. The majority of the recipients served under this program require nursing facility level of care.  A small percentage of individuals served at home are ventilator dependent and, without the HCBS Waiver program, would be in a hospital setting.  In addition, the program serves a small number of individuals with a traumatic brain injury who would have been served in out-of-state rehab facilities, inpatient rehabilitation, or remained inappropriately placed in nursing homes, group homes, or other institutions were it not for the specialized services available under the HCBS Waiver program.

Personal Assistance Service, formerly known as Personal Care Service, is an entitled service which helps eligible people remain in their homes who need help with activities such as bathing, grooming, dressing and meal preparation.  The goal of the Personal Assistance Services program is to prevent or delay nursing facility placement by providing medically necessary, long-term maintenance or supportive care in the home.

Home Health Services are part-time nursing and restorative therapy services provided in the home to eligible people who require these services.  The goal of the Home Health Services Program is to avoid unnecessary hospital or nursing facility stays by providing skilled nursing or therapy services in the home.

Hospice provides a group of services to people who are terminally ill.  Hospice services are mostly palliative in nature, striving to keep the person as comfortable as possible and helping their family cope with the death of a loved one.  The goal of the Hospice Program is to provide health and support services to people who are terminally ill and their families.

Community Services Bureau staff people are located throughout the State, and help administer these programs.  This includes monitoring services, training staff, helping people access services and implementing policy.  Please click on the side menu to learn more about these Medicaid-funded programs and where staff are located.