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Code of Ethics for Consumers

Consumers of personal assistance services are often called upon to make independent judgments on a daily basis that involve both practical and ethical reasoning.

The Code of Ethics is intended to guide consumers in resolving the ethical dilemmas they face every day while receiving personal assistance services in their home.

Consumers themselves must know that it is part of their role to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual responsibility with their caregiver regarding ethical practices.

Listed below are some guidelines for consumers to follow when facing ethics dilemmas in their home:

  1. Be courteous to your caregiver
  2. Respect your caregiver’s confidentiality
  3. Be honest with your caregiver
  4. Ability to say “no”
  5. Respect  your caregiver’s cultural and religious beliefs
  6. Be respectful of your caregiver
  7. Respect your caregiver’s boundaries
  8. Treat your caregiver as you would like to be treated
  9. Be trustworthy
  10. Be considerate and kind