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Home and Community Based Services 

Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS)

The Quality Assurance Management System (QAMS) is the database the Community Services Bureau uses to manage Quality Assurance. QAMS is a live database administered by Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation and the Community Services Bureau. 

It serves two purposes. First, it allows our Medicaid programs to comply with the Federal Quality Assurance Mandates for Home and Community Based Services Waiver.  Second, QAMS streamlines, standardizes, and simplifies quality assurance communication between providers, Regional Program Officers, and Central Office in a secure and paperless environment.  QAMS data is used to document trends across the state which in turn enables the Community Services Bureau to identify training needs and assess program policy and procedure.

The QAMS database captures information in three areas: Serious Occurrence Reports; Quality Assurance Communications; and Quality Assurance Reviews.

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