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Home and Community Based Services

Personal Assistance Services (PAS)

The Personal Assistance Services (PAS) Program is an entitlement program designed to provide long term supportive care in the home setting.  This program has enabled thousands of elderly and disabled citizens to remain in their homes. The type of care authorized is tailored to each individual and dependent upon their needs, living situation, and availability of caregivers. 

Services available through the PAS Program include the Activities of Daily Living: bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting, eating, medication assistance, ambulation and exercising.  Additional time for limited grocery shopping, laundry, housekeeping, and medical escort may also be authorized. 

There two options under which PAS eligible individuals can choose to receive their services:  Agency Based PAS (ABPAS) or Self-Direct PAS (SDPAS).  The SDPAS program was developed for consumers who wish to direct their own care.  The consumer or their Personal Representative is responsible for hiring, training, and managing their Personal Care Attendants (PCA).  Under the SDPAS program only, individuals can be authorized by their health care professional to receive the above mentioned care provided by their PCA as well as any of the following four skilled services: bowel program, catheter care, medication assistance, or wound care.  Anytime a consumer chooses Self-Direct PAS, they must obtain authorization from their health care professional.  The consumer or their personal representative must also meet capacity, that is, demonstrate a thorough understanding of the program.

Other eligibility requirements for both ABPAS and SDPAS include: 1) consumer has a health condition that limits their ability to perform activities of daily living, 2) consumer must participate in the screening process and 3) the consumer must be eligible for full Medicaid. 

The PAS Program does not pay for tasks such as yard work, household repair or modifications, major cleaning, shopping for non-essential items, escort to non-medical services, pet care, or general transportation.  Some of these tasks are allowed through the waiver program depending upon an individuals needs and required level of care.

To apply for Medicaid or find out if you are eligible, contact your local Office of Public Assistance or call the Montana Citizens Advocate at 1-800-332-2272 during normal business hours to be connected to your local OPA.

To apply for PAS services, contact the Mountain Pacific Quality Health Foundation at 1-800-268-1145.  MPQHF nurses meet with each consumer to discuss their individual medical needs and design a profile authorization that is the guideline for which agencies under ABPAS or consumers or Personal Representatives under SDPAS base their service schedule.  MPQHF also provides information on the programs available, names of personal care provider agencies and outlines the consumer’s responsibilities.

Click on the following links to download more information on Personal Assistance Services, Self Direct Personal Assistance Services or Hiring In-Home Help.

To find a provider agency in your area, Personal Assistance Services Providers or Self-Direct Personal Assistance Providers.

You can also contact the Senior and Long Term Care Division staff in your area for more information or assistance in finding a personal care agency.