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Home/Housing Options

Senior citizens and adults with disabilities are frequently faced with searching for alternative living arrangements, if and/or when, they become unable to care for themselves.  This search is made even more difficult by the fact that these folks are often living on low or fixed incomes.  In recent years, a wide range of long term care services have been developed, specifically designed to assist people in maintaining their independence for as long as possible. These services range from aid with household tasks and personal care, to comprehensive and intensive home health services, to nursing home care. In this section, you will find detailed explanations of these many different options.

If you would prefer assistance gathering the information you seek, to contact the staff of the Montana Senior and Long Term Care Division, or your Area Agency on Aging.

    Care Facilities

Financial Arrangements 

In-Home Care Services

For more information, contact Montana Senior & Long Term Care Division (800) 332-2272 or your local Area Agency on Aging (800) 551-3191 during normal business hours.