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Assisted Living
(aka Personal Care Homes)

Assisted living is used to describe a full spectrum of residential care options. Facilities providing assisted living are licensed as a Personal Care Home in the State of Montana. There can be great variation on how services are delivered by providers. Some facilities specialize in providing services to people with physical impairments, while others may target services to the elderly or the cognitively impaired.

Facilities can be as small as five residents or have over one hundred residents. The majority of Montana Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes are licensed for less than 20 residents. A facility may be owned by a family and operated from a modified personal home or can be part of a large Corporation with modern hotel accommodations. The choices vary with the goals and philosophies of the providers.

Regardless of the number of residents, an Assisted Living facility cannot be licensed for more than five category B residents.

Category A Assisted Living/Personal Care Homes

Services center around providing needed assistance with activities of daily living such as eating, bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management and general supervision of residents. Accommodations vary from facility to facility so it is strongly recommended to "shop" and "visit" before selecting a facility. Community and social activities also vary from facility to facility and town to town. The residential service plan developed by the resident and provider establishes the range of services and accommodations, including "move-in" and "move-out" criteria.

Category B Assisted Living/Personal Care Home

Facilities in Montana are limited to five category B residents per facility, regardless of population census. Residents at this level have skilled nursing care needs that can approach nursing home care level. Because of this, additional requirements exist regarding physician oversight, patient assessment and care planning. Third party nursing services are arranged to meet these special needs. When applicable, Hospice is also an option for residents. Most facilities are licensed for Category B to allow residents to age in place and remain a part of the Assisted Living facility’s community at the end of life.

If you would like to learn more about personal care homes, contact staff of the Senior and Long Term Care Division/ Montana Department of Public Health and Human Service at (800) 332-2272 during normal business hours.