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Senior and Long Term Care

Medicaid Long Term Care Application and Eligibility Information

Nursing facilities and applicants for Medicaid long term care will find the information contained below helpful in navigating the process of completing the Medicaid application for nursing facility eligibility.  The educational information will guide applicants through the eligibility process and the information that is needed to completed an application and to determine eligibility and there is also a "helpful hints" document for use by facilities. 

Hard copies of these documents may be obtained by contacting the Senior and Long Term  Care Division at DPHHS-SLTCD,  PO Box 4210, Helena, MT 59604-4210, or by calling (406) 444-4077.  This information can be downloaded and copied for direct distribution.


  1. Helpful Hints for Applicants
  2. Medicaid Step by Step
  3. Medicaid vs Medicare - Chart
  4. Long Term Care Partnerships
  5. Long Term Care Partnership Insurance - MontGuide
  6. Asset Transfers
  7. LTC Rate Comparison Guide - 2011
  8. Veterans Benefits and Long Term Care
  9. Life Insurance
  10. Annuities
  11. Medicaid and Long-Term Care Costs - MontGuide
  12. Local Offices of Public Assistance
  13. Other information resources


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Updated August 12, 2013