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Montana Veterans Long Term Care Needs Study

The 59th Legislature directed the Department of Public Health and Human Services to conduct an analysis of Veterans Long Term Health Care Needs. The Legislature requested that the study include an analysis of the demographics of the Montana veterans’ population, including the number and age of veterans in each county and an analysis of the services currently available to meet veterans long term care needs and the need for additional long term care services. The long term care assessment for veterans must also include the evaluation of the need for nursing home, domiciliary and specialized services such as dementia/Alzheimer care, as well as, various types of community and in-home care options that are available and may be needed. Additionally the existing State veterans’ home services and configuration of those services should be analyzed.

The report is a summary of the analysis undertaken by the Department to identify current and anticipated veterans long-term care needs in Montana. The report is broken into the following areas: Demographic and Geographic information; State Veterans Homes; Montana State Veterans’ Homes Compare; The VA State Home Program; Federal Veterans Assistance Programs; Current Legislation/Federal Initiatives for Veterans Long Term Care; Challenges facing State Veterans Homes; Other Long Term Care Service Options; and Veterans Survey Letter/Tool/Results.