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Program Compliance Bureau

The Program Compliance Bureau is part of the Quality Assurance Division of the Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services. It encompasses three programs:

  • Surveillance and Utilization Review . This unit is responsible for protecting the integrity of the Montana Medicaid Program from fraud and abuse.
  • newThird Party Liability. This unit identifies Medicaid recipients who have other medical insurance or payment sources with which to pay their health-care costs before they rely on Medicaid.
  • Program Integrity. This unit 1) investigates intentional fraud of recipient eligibility in the Food Stamp, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and Medicaid programs; 2) helps establish, monitor, reconcile and negotiate repayments of recipient claims for Food Stamps, TANF, and Medicaid; and 3) performs federally mandated quality-control reviews for the Food Stamp and Medicaid programs.

To contact the Program Compliance Bureau

Recipient Eligibility Fraud Hotline: 800-201-6308
Recipient Abuse (Team Care) Fraud Hotline: 800-362-8312
Provider Fraud Hotline: 800-376-1115

Program Compliance Bureau Chief
Michelle Truax
(406) 444-4120

Surveillance and Utilization Review Supervisor
Jennifer Tucker
(406) 444-4586

Program Integrity Supervisor
Steve Kranich
(406) 444-9356

Third Party Liability Supervisor
David Schiefen
(406) 444-6004

HIPAA Program Officer
Michael Mahoney
(406) 444-7459


Page last updated: 03/17/2014