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Infirmary Packet

In Montana the statue that provides the Department of Public Health and Human Services to license an infirmary is found under 50-5-101. Definitions MCA. (29) "Infirmary" means a facility located in a university, college, government institution, or industry for the treatment of the sick or injured, with the following subdefinitions:

(a) an "infirmary--A" provides outpatient and inpatient care;
(b) an "infirmary--B" provides outpatient care only

Infirmary Facilities Licensed by the State of Montana
Licensure Process
  • When the license expires
  • The Survey Process and "the what and the how" of a Statement of Deficiency/Plan of Correction
  • Life Cycle of a Task Order (The internal processing of a license, how and when it is assigned to a contracted surveyor or staff surveyor).

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