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Assisted Living Packet

Information For Providers

Change of Ownership Packet
  • Change of Ownership Packet
    • Licensure Application Letter from Becky Fleming-Siebenaler, Licensure Bureau Chief (Contains Licensure Requirements and Check List)
    • Change of Ownership Licensure Application Form
Optional Assisted Living Forms

These forms are optional. SB 420 (2001) directed the Department to provide sample forms for Assisted Living facilities. Please check this page frequently for updated and new sample forms.

If you use your own forms, please check the samples to ensure you have the fundamental required information incorporated in your documentation.

These forms are not copy write protected. You may add to these forms, including your business logo’s etc.


Survey Process/Licensure Renewal

Life Cycle of a Task Order (The internal processing of a license, how and when it is assigned to a contracted surveyor or staff surveyor).

Statutes and Rules governing Assisted Living



Survey Tools, Forms and Guidelines

Survey Tools:

The survey tool consists of the applicable ARMs and MCAs. It is formatted in a table for easier understanding and application. This is the same form surveyors use to determine compliance when they visit your facility. The additional forms used during an on-site survey are also provided.

Meal Preparations, Menu and Recipe Options

For older adults, the benefits of healthy eating include increased mental acuteness, resistance to illness and disease, higher energy levels, faster recuperation times, and better management of chronic health problems. As we age, eating well can also be the key to a positive outlook and staying emotionally balanced. But healthy eating doesn’t have to be about dieting and sacrifice. Eating well as an older adult is all about fresh, colorful food, creativity in the kitchen, and eating with friends.

Montana’s assisted living facility regulations pertaining to food service can be found at ARM 37.106.2860 FOOD SERVICE (see statutes and rules governing assisting living).  They state, in part, that foods must be served in amounts and variety sufficient to meet the nutritional needs of each resident.  The facility must provide therapeutic diets when prescribed by the resident’s practitioner.  Records of menus as served must be filed on the premises for three months after the date of service for review by the department.  In addition, the facility shall take into consideration the preferences of the residents and the need for variety when planning the menu.

Meal planning and preparation should not be stressful!  In today’s internet environment, many resources are available regarding menu planning, meal preparation, planning a shopping list, recipes, and senior nutrition.  A simple Google search will reveal many options.  Be sure to include residents in the meal planning process – what a great way to celebrate their traditions, customs, and cultural backgrounds!

The department does not suggest or endorse the following resources, but assisted living providers may find them to be helpful.

Menu Planning and Preparation:
Grove Menus

Nutrition Systems

Sample 5-week menu
Food Services of America

Simplified Diet Manual

TUFTS Food Guide Pyramid
TUFTS Food Guide Pyramid for Older Adults


USDA Food and Nutrition Information Center

ALF Bathroom Requirements

The following diagrams have been developed to aid facilities in meeting the requirements of 37.106.2838 RESIDENT TOILETS AND BATHING (4) which requires:

All doors to resident bathrooms shall open outward or slide into the wall and shall be unlockable from the outside.

  • Dutch doors, bi-folding doors, sliding pocket doors and other bi-swing doors may be used if they do not impede the bathroom access width and are approved by the department. A shared bathroom with two means of access is also acceptable."

Bathroom Doors

Bathroom Measurements

If you are in need of additional assistance, please contact QAD Licensure Construction Consultant, Joe Merrill at: jmerrill@mt.gov or (406) 444-6794 for additional information.

Assisted Living Medication Aide Program

This program is operated by the Montana Board of Nursing. Please click the link below to leave this web page and go the Board of Nursing web page.

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