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Recreational water illness and injury prevention campaign

Every year, thousands of Americans get sick after recreating in water, which is caused by germs found in places where people swim.

Cryptosporidium is one of the most frequent causes of waterborne disease among humans in the United States. In fact, last year there has been a large increase in cryptosporidiosis cases reported in Montana and some of those were part of an outbreak associated with pools and splash parks affecting mostly young children under 10 years old.

Of more severe consequences are drowning deaths which are most common in Montana between June and August and are more likely to occur in natural bodies of water. Montana averages 8 deaths per year due to drowning in natural waters. Every day, two children under the age of 14 die from drowning in the United States.

Winning posters from this year’s contest!

Feel free to print these images and display where appropriate. We had a great response to this year’s contest and would like to thank all participants for their amazing artwork. First place winners for each age group were contacted directly. All other participants received a small prize that was sent to their schools directly.

Scroll down for videos and contest rules


This year we are asking all elementary school children to learn about RWII in their class and color a poster to show what they learned. These posters will be entered into a contest and the best posters not only win a prize, but will be printed and distributed to pools throughout Montana as part of the second phase of the campaign in July.

Understanding the basics of pool related illnesses: setting the stage for water safety. Click on the picture below to begin playing the video.

Campaign image

A short CDC podcast directed toward children to help them understand the need for proper sanitation around pools. Click on the picture below to begin playing the video.


This short home video was a winner in a CDC contest to illustrate the need for precautions concerning pool related illness.  Suitable audiences are children through adult viewers.


Contest Rules:

  • Children K-5 can participate
  • Contest ends May 30th, 2014 Updated
  • Color a picture about RWII on a 11x17 poster and mail it to:
Communicable Disease Section
1400 Broadway, Room C216
Helena, MT 59620
  • Be sure to put your name, school name, age and contact information on the back of the poster
    or the preferred method is to use this template.
  • You can win an I-pod mini, inflatables, beach towels, goggles and other pool related goodies.
  • Winners will be contacted in June 2014 and posters will be printed and displayed to pools in Montana in July.

Poster Contest

Learn how to stay healthy and safe this summer when you go swimming, but most importantly have fun while learning!

Page last updated 07/31/2014