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PHEP Partner Programs


Public Health Emergency Preparedness (PHEP)

The main focus of the PHEP office is to administer federal preparedness funding to local and tribal health departments to produce emergency preparedness and response plans and protocols.

Another function of the office is to support Montana's emergency response to disasters that require mass care and medical assistance. PHEP works with the other DPHHS programs, as well as the Montana Disaster and Emergency Services, in this capacity.

PHEP is responsible for emergency preparedness planning, training, exercises, risk communications, hospital preparedness, and managing the Strategic National Stockpile for DPHHS.

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Hospital Preparedness

hospital imageThe Hospital Preparedness program assists hospitals in developing their plans for responding to crisis events that could potentially overrun their normal operations. There is a critical working relationship between hospitals and public health departments that must be coordinated in the event of a public health crisis.

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Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)

The SNS is a national program operated by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) that keeps large quantities of medicine and medical supplies to distribute if there is a public health emergency severe enough to deplete local resources. When a request is made from the governor, the CDC helps determine and approve what materials and medicines to send to Montana. Delivery to the state can take place within twelve hours.

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Health Alert Network (HAN)

HAN imageThe HAN system shares vital information with local, county, and tribal health departments that may potentially affect Montana public health.  These messages contain information about outbreaks, communicable diseases, or other vital health data that either originated at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), DPHHS, or at the local level.

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Montana Public Health Training Institute (MPHTI)

MPHTI is responsible for continuing to improve Montana's public health system, improving the knowledge and skills of tthe public health workforce, ensuring public MPHTI logohealth emergency preparedness, and connecting the state's local and tribal jurisdictions to preparedness resources.

Montana Public Health Training Institute website

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Food & Water Safety

food and water safety imageThe goal of food and water safety preparedness is to reduce the incidence of diseases and contaminations in Montana establishments that serve the public. Local and tribal health departments work with their local sanitarians to ensure that water and food safety is maintained to prevent public health emergencies.

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epidemiology imageCollecting information about disease outbreaks and trends helps public health departments prepare for infectious disease emergencies. The systematic analysis and interpretation of data and the dissemination of information to those who need to know in order that action allows quicker and more effective response time to critical public health events.

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Laboratory Emergency Preparedness

The purpose of laboratory preparedness is to ensure that laboratory response protocols for emergencies, including natural disasters, disease pandemics, or chemical related attacks, are integrated into the framework of every day business.

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Sometimes responding to a public health crisis means organizing mass vaccination campaigns. Infectious strains of viruses or bacteria can quickly immobilize the population. Protecting the public against disease takes much more than just shots, but immunization is a critical step.

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Volunteer Registry The Volunteer Registry is a quick and efficient way to assistvolunteer responses to local, regional, and statewide emergencies.  It is a broad based network that can help local organizations and agencies find volunteers in the event of a crisis or disaster. 

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