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About Us

The Montana Public Health Training Institute is a career long learning center that targets all people working in and with the public health system including related health and social service areas and emergency responders. The Institute is part of the Public Health System Improvement and Training Section of the Public Health System Improvement and Preparedness Bureau.

The Goals of the Institute are to provide training that:

  • improves public health workers' knowledge and understanding of the mission and goals of the public health system in relationship to the larger community;
  • increases communication and collaboration with community partners thereby reducing duplication and expanding efforts to reach target populations with services;
  • increases policy makers', community leaders' and the public's awareness of the range of public health responsibilities, programs and priorities and their impact on the community;
  • encourages/enables leaders to recognize emerging problems and mobilize the community into needed action ;
  • and results in development of a recognized certification program that becomes the minimum competency level for employees of the Montana public health system.