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National Laboratory System


The purpose of the NLS projects is to develop methods for clinical laboratories to better engage in conducting public health related testing and participating in the public health system.  Below you will find few of the projects that this initiative has undertaken.

Antimicrobial Resistance

An assessment of antimicrobial susceptibility testing (AST) testing was conducted and targeted training provided in effort to promote/assist in practical application of AST standards to increase adherence to voluntary guidelines.

2007 AST Survey

2007 Executive Summary

Status of Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing and Reporting

The Montana Public Health Laboratory, in conjunction with the Northern Plains Consortium, designed and administered an electronic survey to clinical laboratories to assess the status of Chlamydia (CAT), gonorrhea (GC), and syphilis testing in rural laboratories and to promote adherence to testing and reporting standards.

STD Methods and Practice Assessment

Elecronic Laboratory Reporting

In 2008, the Montana Public Health Laboratory (MTPHL) conducted a feasibility assessment with larger clinical laboratories in Montana regarding electronic laboratory results (ELR) information exchange. The purpose was to gain an understanding of capabilities for exchange of reportable disease notifications, and for ELR interface from MTPHL to the clinical laboratory.  A copy of the report, conducted by Accent of Integration, can be found by clicking here.

MT ELR Feasability Assessment Report

Cooperative Response

Since the four consortium states of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming share similar geographic challenges, an exercise was performed to ascertain how well the participating states could cooperate and complement laboratory activities in response to emergency demands. A Courier Exercise in August 2009 showed that it is possible to exchange specimens through ground transportation across state lines.

FERN Courier Exercise

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