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Diagnostic Testing

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To obtain a listing of the tests available at the Montana Public Health Laboratory, and the appropriate specimen types, transport conditions, CPT codes and approximate turn around times, click below for the on-line Montana Laboratory Services Manual.

Montana Laboratory Services Manual

CLIA Certificate

The Montana Public Health Laboratory is a CLIA certified laboratory.  Click to download a copy of the current CLIA Certificate of Compliance

Secure Web Access to Test Results

Montana Public Health Laboratory testing results are available through a secure internet link, Harvest Webstation. If you do not have an account, or are having problems accessing your current account, please contact us by e-mail or calling (800) 821-7284.

Laboratory Reporting Rules

Laboratory Reporting of Communicable Diseases in Montana
For Reference Only. A customizable copy of this form was sent to each health department to share with clinical laboratories (replace partners) in their jurisdiction. Please contact your local health department with questions regarding this form.

As part of the new Communicable Disease Rules, even though the isolation is not reportable, laboratories are required to submit to the Montana Public Health Laboratory suspect or confirmed isolates of Vancomycin-Resistant or Intermediate Staphylococcus aureus (VRSA/VISA) and Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE).  If you have questions, contact us by e-mail or calling (800) 821-7284.

Specimen Acceptance Criteria

To keep in line with patient safety initiatives, as of March 15, 2011, the Montana Public Health Laboratory (MTPHL) is requiring that all submitted specimens be labeled with two identifiers. The identifiers can be hand written or a computer generated label, and may include a full name and birth date, a full name and facility identifier, or any combination that will accurately identify the patient specimen and match it to the requisition form. Specimens received after March 15, 2011 that are not properly labeled with two identifiers will be rejected. If you have any questions regarding this implementation, please call Debbie at 406-444-5970.

Specimen Submission

The World Health Organization describes Public health surveillance as the continuous, systematic collection, analysis and interpretation of health-related data needed for the planning, implementation, and evaluation of public health practice. Such surveillance can:

  • serve as an early warning system for impending public health emergencies;
  • document the impact of an intervention, or track progress towards specified goals; and
  • monitor and clarify the epidemiology of health problems, to allow priorities to be set and to inform public health policy and strategies.

The success of diagnostic and surveillance programs is dependent upon the quality ofspecimens and completeness of information that are submitted. 

Please submit these isolates to the Montana Public Health Laboratory for confirmation and referral: wanted