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Immunization Registry Information

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WIZRD logoWIZRD (Web-based Immunization Registry Database) is an Internet-based application that is used to access records in the State Health Department's immunization registry. The registry houses the immunization records for children in Montana. All immunization providers within the state can create and share electronic immunization records for their clients, which makes the delivery of childhood immunizations much easier. In this capacity, the registry provides a valuable tool for the management and reporting of immunization information to public health professionals, private and public healthcare providers, parents, guardians and other child care personnel. WIZRD also provides reminder/recall and assessment capabilities.

Currently, the majority of private providers report to the registry by paper through an agreement with their local County Health Department. Access for registry query or immunization reporting is limited to duly authorized providers who are enrolled with the registry.

For further details regarding system sign-up, call the Montana State Immunization Program at (406) 444-5580.

The Public Health Informatics section and Montana State Immunization program staff provide technical support to users along with continuous training and updates to the software.


WIZRD Support Materials

The following support materials and guides are available to both Health Departments and Montana's vaccine providers. Please check back with our site as more support materials will be added over time.

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Page last updated November 17, 2011