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The Montana Diabetes Resource Center

This Resource Center is designed to provide information to people with diabetes, their families and their health care providers by linking them to helpful resources. Links include information regarding the burden of diabetes in Montana, quarterly surveillance reports, monitoring efforts within the state, diabetes resource guides, educational tools developed by the Montana Diabetes Project staff and other links providing insight to diabetes care and prevention.

Please tell us what you like about this site, what you don't like, what you would like added to this site, or if there is other information about diabetes that you need, by sending e-mail to Susan Day, Office Manager of the Montana Diabetes Project.

Diabetes Quality Care and Surveillance

What gets measured gets tracked!  If you are interested in assessing your practice patterns and insuring your patients with diabetes are receiving the highest quality of care according to the American Diabetes Association's Clinical Recommendations, the Montana Diabetes Project (MDP) can help.  The MDP offers tracking system software at no direct cost!  To learn more about our Diabetes tracking systems, use this link.

Montana Diabetes and Cardiovascular Health Surveillance and Clinical Montana Communication Surveillance Reports

About Diabetes, Resources and Links

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