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Children's Special Health Services

Eligibility for Financial Assistance

Children's Special Health Services (CSHS) provides limited financial assistance for specialty care and therapies for children and youth with special health needs. Financial eligibility determination is based on income in accordance with federal poverty guidelines. Financial assistance also requires a child to be condition eligible for CSHS. Many families receiving financial assistance from CSHS also have private insurance.

You do not have to qualify for financial assistance to attend a specialty clinic, you can obtain more information regarding clinic services at: available clinic services

To receive financial assistance from CSHS, individuals must meet income and medical condition requirements.

Financial Eligibility:
To qualify for financial assistance from CSHS he/she must meet the following criteria:
1. Be under the age of 19
2. Family's countable annual income cannot exceed 250% of the federal poverty guidelines
3. Have a CSHS qualifying medical condition
4. Is a Montana resident
5. Is not eligible for Medicaid - (if applicant has been denied Medicaid, send a copy of the denial to CSHS along with application.)
6. Is not eligible for the Children's Health Insurances Plan (CHIP)

Earned Income Disregards:
When determining whether a family's annual income is within the CSHS income guidelines, a certain amount of earned income is disregarded. Disregarded income reduces the amount of countable income used to determine CSHS eligibility.

The following earned income disregards are subtracted from the family's gross annual earned income.

  1. Credit is given for each working individual
  2. Out of pocket insurance premiums
  3. Provide verification of child, disabled or elderly adult care while you and your spouse are working.

Medical Eligibility for CSHS:
In general, an individual's medical need must require the services of a physician or surgeon with specialized skill beyond the level of care provided by the primary care physician. Children are medically eligible if they have or are suspected to have either a physically disabling condition that can be substantially improved or corrected with surgery, orthodontia or other treatment, or a medical condition, such as asthma or diabetes which is considered to be chronic and can be managed with treatment.

Excluded conditions and services:
Due to funding limitations, CSHS is unable to provide financial assistance for acute injuries, infections, or hospitalizations; mental health disorders or behavior problems; transportation; respite services; or educational services such as neuropsychological evaluations.

You can obtain an application for CSHS financial assistance by using:
application process
contact CSHS
local public health
regional clinic contacts