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Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition (MWHPC)

2013 Worksite Health Promotion Workshop: May 1, 2013
Best Western GranTree-Bozeman, MT


Why Worksite Health Promotion?

Worksite health promotion has been proven to have a substantial impact on healthcare costs, absenteeism, workers compensation costs, and productivity. Wellness is designed to help employers educate employees about health, empower them to take control of their health decision-making, change negative health behavior, and evaluate the improvement of employee well-being over time. According to Partnership for Prevention,  A Call to Action: Leading by Example, “Business leaders have come to fully realize that health is a cost and performance driver.  Investing in health not only controls expenses, but also protects, supports, and enhances human capital.  It is fundamental to a healthier bottom line.”

Montana’s Health Promotion Mission:
The Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition is to be a resource for Montana employers regarding the art and science of health promotion and wellness at work.

To learn more about the Montana Worksite Health Promotion Coalition, worksite health promotion resources, calendar of events, the MWHP Conference and other worksite health promotion information, visit us at our new website.


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