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Asthma Mini-Grants

School childrenThe Asthma Mini-Grant Program was created by the Montana Asthma Control Program to enable school nurses, Head Start health nurses, and asthma educators who work in schools in Montana to work towards creating asthma friendly schools. Grant money ($500 for individuals and $1500 for groups of three or more) is provided to enable nurses and asthma educators to provide school-based asthma management and training.  Information on program eligibility and the application process is indicated below.

Grant application period for the 2014-2015 school year:

Currently Open!
Deadline: March 15, 2015

How to Apply

Step 1: Confirm Eligibility

The Asthma Mini-Grant program provides grant money for school nurses and certified asthma educators working in elementary, middle, and high schools throughout the state of Montana.  To be eligible, the school nurse must be a Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), or Nurse Practitioner (NP) who is employed or contracted by a school, school district, or local public health department to provide school nursing services. The Asthma Educator must have a current certification from the National Asthma Educator Certification Board.

Individuals who have previously received an Asthma Mini-Grant are eligible to apply.  However, applicants that have previously received an Asthma Mini-Grant are asked to please apply to complete a different project than you have completed previously.

Step 2: Choose a Project

Option #1: School Staff Training

Using educational materials provided by the Montana Asthma Control Program, award recipients will provide asthma education and training to school staff members or coaches. Educatorsmay choose to focus their asthma education and training towards all school staff by using the “Creating Asthma Friendly Schools” resource guide. Alternatively, the training can be tailored towards school coaches by using the “Winning with Asthma” program. In order to complete this project, asthma education and training must be provided to at least ten school staff members or coaches per indivudal applicant. School nurses and asthma educators are encouraged to consult with the school administrator to see if school staff can be awarded PIR credits for this activity. In addition, grantees are encouraged to direct school staff and coaches, who are not able to attend in-person trainings, to the “Online Training” tab on this website to receive asthma training and obtain OPI Renewal units.

Project Documents

Option #2: Partnering with Parents

School nurses will identify ways to improve the care, coordination and control of students’ asthma.  In order to do so, school nurses will meet with students and their parent(s)/guardian(s).  Using an assessment tool provided by the Montana Asthma Control Program, each student’s asthma will be assessed, and recommendations to improve care, coordination and control will be made.  In order to complete this project, assessments must be done for at least five students per nurse.

Project Documents

Option #3: Assessing Asthma Friendly School Policies and Procedures

Using a school policies and practices checklist form provided by the Montana Asthma Control Program, school nurses will assess school policies and practices related to asthma.  School nurses will then present their findings to their school administration or school board.  In order to complete this project, one school will be assessed per school nurse; alternatively, a group of school nurses will assess an entire school district’s policies and practices. 

Project Documents

Option #4: Attend Asthma Educator Review Course or Big Sky Pulmonary Conference

This option allows participants to use their funding to attend the annual Big Sky Pulmonary Conference in the spring and/or the Asthma Educator Certification Review Course. The Montana Asthma Control Program will wave registration fees for the applicants and the mini-grant funding can be used for travel and lodging expenses.  In order to complete this project, the applicant must attend at least one of the proposed events and return the outcomes report form to the MACP.  

Project Documents

Option #5: Teaching an Asthma Self-Management Curriculum

School nurses will teach an asthma self-management curriculum to students with asthma, using either the Open Airways for Schools or Power Breathing programs (depending on the age of the students).  Alternatively, utilizing materials provided by the Montana Asthma Control Program, school nurses will provide individualized self-management education to students with asthma.  In order to complete this project, asthma self-management education must be provided to at least five students per nurse.

Project Documents

Option #6: Clean Air Campaign

Nurses or Asthma Educators will complete an assessment of a school’s policies related to asthma and environmental air quality. After completing the assessment the applicant will design a clean air campaign to increase awareness about clean air policies and practices that should be enforced on the school campus. Final assessment findings and plans for the clean air campaign will be presented to school administrators and other schools leaders to help gain support for the campaign. In order to complete this project, a policy assessment and presentation must be completed and accompanied by a clean air campaign plan for action.  

Project Documents   

Option #7: Asthma Home Visiting Referrals

Nurses or Asthma Educators will review school records and identify students with a current asthma as diagnosed by a medical provider. The grantees will assess asthma control among students using the Asthma Control Test and other measures specified by the Montana Asthma Control Program. Students with uncontrolled asthma shall be referred to the Montana Asthma Home Visiting Program (MAP) in their county/region. The MAP is available in the following counties: Lewis and Clark County, Missoula & Granit Counties, Cascade County, Flathead County, Richland County, and Hill County. Students whose asthma is under control will receive educational materials and resources to take home. In order to complete this project, asthma control assessments must be performed with at least five students.

Project Documents 

Asthma Take Home Resources

Option #8: Design Your Own Project-NEW

Research a self-designed project related to asthma, review project with Montana Asthma Control Program staff member for approval of project,  and complete an outcome report related to the project chosen.

Project Documents

Step 3: Complete the Application Form

A letter of support from a school administrator is also required; this may be submitted at the same time as you complete the application, or it may be submitted afterwards.

If filling out a hard copy application, please mail or fax (406-444-7465) the completed form to:

Montana Asthma Control Program
PO Box 202951
Helena, MT  59620

Step 4: Await Notification

After you submit the application and letter of support, your application will be reviewed within two weeks.  If you do not hear from the Montana Asthma Control Program within two weeks, please contact us to confirm that we have received your application materials.  Since applications are reviewed on a rolling basis, please submit your application as soon as you are able.

Step 5: Complete the Project

Once you are notified that you have been awarded a grant, plan and carry out the project that you have selected.

Step 6: Return Outcomes Forms

After you have completed the project, you will need to return the outcomes report form for your project, as well as any other additional documents noted on the outcomes report. For the 2014 project cycle, outcomes report forms will be due by May 31, 2015. If you have any further questions, please contact William Biskupiak at (406) 444-0995.


Word is getting out to your communities about your asthma projects! Congrats to Lana Keough, Randi Ghekiere, Courtney George, and Alice Steiner, whose project was covered in the Great Falls Tribune, and to Kristen Bonner, whose project was written up in the Billings Gazette. Keep up the good work!

Asthma-friendly resources for school nurses

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